I want to advise the developers on what can be added)

Hi guys, I would like to give some advice to the developers on the game. Sorry for the crooked translation, I live in Russia and use a google translator, so some points may be incomprehensible, but I hope for criticism and mutual understanding)
I would like more features and promotion of the game
example: to configure the detailed groups(number of people, buffs/debuffs), determination of the location under Dungey( there can simultaneously enter only 1 group and when the target will be a big prize), the ability to add to the game Gilli and Guild wars(epic batch of 50 vs 50), more possible classes and monsters, the execution of the event or determination under it location( for example, I did the location under Halloween, Give them a task at this location to kill a boss, kill a number of monsters, collect some items, can be to kill a number of players and once that player for example give him gold, xp or unique loot), more filter for buildings (for example a cheap forge is only for those who killed 1000 of skeletons, for those who killed the boss or for those who hosted the event), adding sea routes(moving from continent to island), adding editor’s buildings where you can create your own layouts(suitable editor as of old toys Spore), so I would like to see improved character editor ( also can be taken from Spore), would have been good loot system( you see the items of the player, suitable even for the clumsy system of Worldbox, but it is necessary to modify), world events( if you go to a normal event at will, then everyone takes part in the world event(teleports players)), more opportunities in abilities( adding SPLEN damage, flight, acceleration, uglechenie protection, reducing protection to enemies, slowing down the buff for a while(for example +5% / second HP 5 seconds), adding different prices for different items in stores, the ability to start the game from the starting point (and not move in), adding AI to enemies by the player (setting priorities, for example, giving priority to wolves to guard the territory, and skeletons to kill the enemy( in this case, the wolf will not run away from the territory, and the skeleton will flee even to the city), to add the possibility of synergy of enemies(in 1 area it was possible to spawn multiple types of enemies(in synergy with the creation of AI that will allow you to create interesting and complex synergy of enemies), adding a complete change of the landscape(including the creation of lakes, rivers, pits and the destruction and creation of mountains), the ability to add “real money” currency in the game( so it will be easier to build the economy, although it is the whim of people like me), the ability of the RAID (event, in which the city will be aware of monsters, and the task of all residents in the location-to destroy them, for successful defense of the RAID would give or a lot of gold with xp, loot to each or buff on the location, in case of defeat debuff on the location and temporary strengthening of monsters. Creating bosses of different degrees (now only ordinary monsters and big ones, I would like to have several stages of bosses: big - > huge -> giant, the bigger the monster-the greater the priority and reward in the quest for it (automatically), and if the monster has become a giant, then the world event is activated(I already wrote above what it is)), the Possibility of monster evolution, it happens not with time, but with kills. This would perfectly match the mood setting for other monsters (neutral-ignore, allied-will help, hostile - will fight with each other. So players will be able to set monsters on top of each other(although the artificial intelligence of these men is unlikely to conceive) and the world will become more alive + pumping would be logical monsters, and that monster was a giant will need a lot of time, and the coolest thing if there are 2 hostile giants, cool anime battle xd), the addition of mounts( a very necessary thing that will bring the world, and most importantly to Mauna bought, but did not open with the level 1 locations will all be on the griffins, 2 will all be on elephants etc Etc.), the possibility of verticality of the map(for example, creating a dungeon or an air Kingdom, switching between locations on the panel ), the possibility of reviving the ocean( ship battles, sea events like Kraken, etc. I will not write further, otherwise I will get 2 Bible xd

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