I can't rename my skills

When I make a new skill, it gets named as “Attack 2” automatically, right? I tried renaming it but it didn’t change the name, what’s going on?

Bump! I have this exact same problem and spurred me to make a forum account.
Without renaming being possible (can’t delete or paste over/write over new skill name) the whole prefab thing is kind of useless as it becomes a mess of attack1/2/3 etc or fireball 1/2/3 etc. Would love to see a fix for this and if it’s not in the works right now, a workaround would also be highly appreciated if anyone found one.

This bug was fixed introduced in build 0.18.0, which went up on Steam about a week ago. It was then fixed within about an hour, in build 0.18.1. If you let Steam update your build, it should be working for you now!