I can't afford %s!

Issue: Missing placeholder?
Crash (y/n): N
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows
In the Player Thoughts pane of the Overview window, it appears that there is a I can't Afford %s! thought… which I assume is a missing placeholder. :slight_smile:

Yikes! Okay, I’ve dug into this a little, and this is actually a save problem.

When you save a game and then reload it, because of a silly bug in my code, thoughts about there being too many bugs in the game turn into “I can’t afford to buy that” thoughts. (I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone actually complain about there being too many bugs in the game before, but I reduced the default number of developers from 5 to 1, shortly before MS15; maybe a single developer isn’t enough to maintain all the game features you have? Maybe hire another one, using the tool on the “Reports” tab)

Next build will have this bug fixed!