How to Make a Chest

So, I kept thinking to myself, “My poor explorers don’t have any reason to explore.” because there are no chests in the game. So I made one. I basically gutted a “monster” by getting rid of all limbs leaving just the body and the head. I switched those to be the rock-lookin’ things, and then set the speed to 1. I gave them “withstand” to buff the protection at 30% for 5 seconds with a 60-sec cooldown and a “back off” spell to “attack” the player for 1 damage every 5 seconds. Then I jacked the HP as high as it would go. Gotta make 'em work for it, you know.

Clever. Did it work out well? I think I’ll try this out myself.

Would be really nice if we had chests in the game. Can’t imagine this beeing too hard to implement.

Let us set the loot and respawn time of them please if you guys get around to implementing them!

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