How to increase addiction?

I have a problem in my game. For 2-3 days, I have an equal number of new sub and unsub player. So I checked some players and I noticed that all stat of the biggest part of my players is 80%-100% full … except addiction.

Someone knows how to improve player addiction ?

In general, as long as people are having fun while playing and having a good time, they should develop a form of addiction over time. But it can vary a lot between players. Some are easier to become addicted while others are harder. Some are willing to spend more while others aren’t as susceptible to spend at all. Different types of players can have varying feelings for becoming addicted too. Try to think of how it would work in real life with many different players playing the same game but having different experiences and backgrounds. The game tries to simulate that.

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Each player has two particularly-important statistics: “Satisfaction” (currently incorrectly labelled as “Happiness” in the player info window), and “Addiction”. Both these values currently range from -10 to +5.

Satisfaction goes up when good things happen (win a fight, have a good social experience, complete a quest, buy something valuable at a really good price, etc), and down when bad things happen (lose a fight, get affected by a bug, get banned, etc).

Addiction goes up and down based on certain sets of conditions. If good and bad things are both happening to the player for a long stretch of time, and the player’s satisfaction level is still positive, then addiction slowly goes up. If only good things or only bad things are occurring, then their addiction level slowly goes down.

When a player logs off, they might make a post online talking about your game (this is more likely as they become more addicted, and much more likely if they’re really unhappy with the game). Note that the further their satisfaction level is from zero, the more likely they are to make a post. If they do post, they’ll write a positive post if their satisfaction level is positive, or a negative one if their satisfaction level is negative.

source: Positive buzz and negative buzz

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