How to get ability data in ability description?

My English is very very poor, My English is very poor, so there may be many errors, please forgive me.
I want to know how to access ability data in ability description, Because we had a problem with the local translation, they translated the “dealing {value} damage over {seconds} seconds” into “dealing {value} damage per second for {seconds} seconds”.
So I want to ask if there is a way to access the ability data.
Thanks a lot.

The string translations are all publicly accessible over here:

You can vote on correct translations or suggest better ones on that site. If you think that a translation is incorrect (like the one you’ve mentioned), you can flag that on the site and comment, or just let me know the language and I’ll look into the problem.

My language is simplified Chinese, Almost everything with Over Time is translated wrong.
I have submitted the correct translation for this at Localizor, or you can use the most liked translation.
But for “Generate Rage Over Time” please use mine.
Thanks a lot.

Here are the corresponding urls:
Damage Over Time
[Drain Mana Over Time]key=187730
[Drain Rage Over Time]key=187731
[Heal Over Time]key=187732
[Charge Mana Over Time]key=187733
Generate Rage Over Time
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I still want to ask, is now no way to get the ability data in the ability description?
Sometimes I want to write the ability effects in the ability description, but I can’t import the ability data.
Will this feature be added later if not now?