How to delete quests from a quest giver

First of all hello! Bravo for this great game full of promise!

I am French and not knowing how to speak English well, I pass by our friend google translation. I hope that everything I write remains readable!

My question is in the title, how do I delete a quest from a quest giver? No matter how hard I look, I can’t find it.

For the moment, I am removing the quest donors, which is not free! moreover, can a quest donor propose only one?

Thank you for your future response :slight_smile:

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Hi, NoLuck!

Removing a quest from a quest giver isn’t obvious; I need to change the UI to make it easier to find things! To remove a quest, drag the quest to the right, inside the quest editing dialog. This will expose a red ‘X’ on the left side of the quest. Release the quest while the ‘x’ is showing to delete it.

I need to make this much simpler to do, and not hide it the way that I’m doing right now!

Thanks for playing the game, and for asking the question!

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Okay ! I will test this immediately :slight_smile:

I had found a wacky request: assigned the quests to a mob area and then delete the mob area, which erases the quests!

Indeed you should leave the red cross visible, will be more intuitive.

Thank you for your reply ! :slight_smile:

Continue like this, this game has huge potential!

Something like that should do the trick (yes I have time to waste)

Will be blue as long as the mouse does not fly over it and red as soon as the mouse is over it


My little contribution :slight_smile:

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