How to Build A Lake/Water Region

'Ello 'ello,

I have seen multiple people ask on the forums about making a water-based region, and I wanted to give a brief tutorial on how that is currently, in fact, quite possible with a little foresight!

STEP ONE: Plan Ahead!
This takes some finagling, as most of the buildings are only usable on land unless you trick the game into thinking it’s on land. SO, the best bet is to start with a regular region, set the terrain to Field/X/Y/Chasm (the middle two don’t matter for this exercise), and paint the whole region with #1 Field terrain. Like so:

STEP TWO: Lay Some Pipe
Here is where the planning factors in. Lay your uplinks and wire up the whole region ahead of time. This is important as you will not be able to lay more network items once we’re done. Build your town, place your NPCs, and zone your mobs but do NOT decorate yet with scenery or you’ll lose your work. Like so:

STEP THREE: The Great Flood
Now is the time you can work your God-Complex issues out. Change to the #2 or #3 terrain brush, change it to Chasm, and paint over the land you want to make into traversable water (brush #4 makes uncross-able water). Flood the station. Good. Goooooooood. It will help you immensely to activate the “visible navigation mesh” in the Game Options debug menu to see where your players are allowed to walk (thank you discord user @Cow for the assist on that one!!)

You will actually notice that much of a zoned area does not recede fully into the sea from whence it came. No worries–go to the terrain window in the region info box, and change the #1 Field to #1 Chasm. The rest of the land will sink now (all the terrain unpainted/painted in #1 brush), but your town, zones, and NPCs should all have survived. Like so:

STEP FOUR: Dollars
Forever more: you’re the man now, dawg! Your players will enjoy the wet mess that you have left them, and do the things and use the buildings and blah blah blah.

My examples perhaps leave something to the imagination but with some effort and experimentation you can make a viable and fun region that the players muck around in!

May your lakes be mighty and your streams never falter!

NOTE: This is currently a functional method, but I am unsure if it is intended and therefore unsure if it will remain as a viable option… but for now it seems the best and only way I’ve figured out to do this.

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Here are some screenshots from a region I built with a little more stank on it, to give y’all a better idea of what it can be used to achieve.

Lake Icarus

Frog Holler

Questing Parties? More like beach parties, homie

Players love Lake

I used to have pet hermit crabs and they smell really bad


Really great tutorial for new players about how to build a region like this!

And to add on and specify a few things about Terrain and how it works:

Terrain Type 0 NEVER modifies the navmesh regardless of Terrain Type
On top of that, Chasm lowers the terrain to different heights depending on which Terrain Type you assign it to.
Terrain Type 2 Chasm is the lowest I believe, however players CANNOT walk on it.

Combining these different Terrain features with some scenery, you are able to create some quite unique walkable cavves, mountains, and/or pits!

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