How I hope dungeons will work!

The question imo is if they’ll be instanced or real-time dungeons. instanced are easier to calculate, you basically generate a pas/win but boring to see. real time are more fun to watch, and we’ll have to deal with overcrowding etc.

Dungeons could be placed like regular buildings (probably 5k or 2k per max dungeon lvl to place), opening up a new layer like network and then requiring placing roads, scenery, mobs, etc. they can be the target of quests. can be quested solo or party, but option of party only should be available.

They should be fully customizable. They would be placed with a new road tool that originates from the dungeon like how network cables are on a separate dungeon layer. road length would be set like network bandwith, and each node would look like a room, and generate an inquiry to the player/party on which path to take. smarter players will find the exit/treasures more often than regular players who will run loops or into dead ends. mobs can be placed on this road as well as new dungeon scenery. If there were mutiple room/node types other than basic like locked room, treasure chest, it would increase the difficulty of the dungeon. keys would be found in chests and used on doors to advance. keys wouldn’t need to be specific to dungeon if they are lost on death, door use, exit, logout, etc. any items added later in updates could be placed in chests. the goal would be to defeat a boss, a new monster type stronger than elite that should only be able to be placed in dungeon.

but who knows, we’ll see when the update comes out! :slight_smile:

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Oh I like this, thou I hope they would also add traps to dungeon design and give players the ability to detect and disarm them. Thou I Know that a big ask and a lot of work to implement.

The world is large enough that I would expect that you turn a region into a dungeon and those regions do not connect to the rest of the map with paths. Instead, you place the “Dungeon Entrance” building and link it to the region that serves as the dungeon zone. Perhaps the Wall tool is expanded to have “Dungeon Zone” walls that allow you to carve out multiple dungeons in a single region (we’ll see; depends on how regions are wired).

I would also expect that at the network layer you can make a dungeon region (or perhaps zone within a region) a shared dungeon or instance dungeon by placing (or not placing) “Instance Server” nodes within the zone. If there are no Instance Servers, the zone is shared. As soon as you add the first Instance Server node, the zone becomes instanced and then you have to balance the number of server nodes along with bandwidth according to how busy the dungeon is.

Beyond that, quests and mobs would work the same as other regions, with perhaps some dungeon-specific quest options based around loot (get an item, find/use a key or switch, etc.).

This would be my guess anyway, based on the current state of the game and the general operation of MMORPG games.