How do you avoid over populated lvl 1 and 2 zones, and stay profitable

All of my games end the same:

I get to around day 2 to 3, with population approaching 3000, and the level 1 and 2 zones get totally full, mainly with players just standing around socializing (and this is with a combat style game.) Most of the players are level 2 with “happy” stats. Even if I force them with a quest to go to a higher zone, the go there, and then walk right back and stay in the quest givers zone.

Once a zone or two get fully populated the problem just seems to get worse and worse, i.e.
dislikes go way up.

The game prompts you to build higher level zones, so I have to spend all my money building level 3, 4, and 5 bare bones zones, so there is not enough left tweak the old zones or add any more lvl 1 or 2 zones.

I have seen some posts here that suggest making two lvl 1 and 2 zones, but where do you get the resources to do that? Take out another loan?

I wish this game had a totally creative mode that gave you unlimited funds.

I built/researched the flight paths and just have a those all around the world. In every city/quest hub. The players quest, use it, and quest in the new area.

Yea. Zone need to be connected ! 1 to 2 2 to 3 lvl you can’t do a fly path from zone lvl 2 to 1 then 3 this don’t work for me … .

Hello, making several zones of levels 1 and 2 is a trap, you must try to standardize your population of player by modifying the price and the subscription of the game. The objective is not really to have the most player , but to have the best balance!

If you have money problems, I advise you to start by making commercials, but not too much, to attract a solid base of player. Do not get carried away by the madness of creating zones, you do not have to make a zone of each level. For example I do odd zones 1, 3 and 5, then when I have money I enrich the zones and I create the odd zones!

Tips n ° 1: Watch out for the quests, because even if it’s “Go to the hostel” players will go up to level 2 with 2-3 quests!

Tips # 2: Do not give a quest to move your players, because they will come back right after to make it! It is better to put guards to guide players and griffins to help move it around the map and between maps!

making odd zones wasn’t working at my game. all the player leveled up to lvl 2 and stopped doing quests. all of them idled in town until they logged out or unsubscribed … is there some magic you have to set/configure?

Same, i thought they only do quests unless they level up then they leave. Atleast thats how it looked for me.