How do created abilities scale?

I know abilities scale with level, so the level 1 strike that does 1 damage will do 20 damage at level 20. But what I do not know, is if I create a lvl 20 ability, do I need to adjust its damage for its level? If I said my level 20 ability did 8 damage, would it be 8 damage or 160 damage?

Right now, all the ability configuration is based on the ability being used by a level 1 character. This means that if you create an ability that gets learned at level 20 and set its damage as 8, then it will actually do 160 points of damage when used by someone who is level 20.

I did it that way to make it easier to balance abilities against each other, so you don’t have to do math in your head to figure out whether one ability is more or less powerful than another ability!

Side note: The exact way that abilities scale with level is definitely going to change; right now they’re scaling too strongly at low levels and too weakly at high levels. Abilities at level 2 are 100% stronger than at level 1. But abilities at level 20 are only 5% stronger than They were at level 19. And that’s a problem because it makes level 1 players super squishy when fighting level 2 monsters, and vice versa. Whereas players could probably kill level 20 monsters pretty comfortably even from like level 16 or so, just because they’re smarter than the monsters and can compensate for the small level penalty. I’ll be fixing that at some point in the near future by changing the math controlling how levels scale.

But it’ll still be the case that the configurations you set on attacks will be based on what damage they’d do at level 1, if they were known at level 1. When the level scaling change comes through, it shouldn’t require you to change any ability balancing; it’ll just make the level power progression a little more consistent, without changing power balance within a level.

Awesome, that answer that question. On a related note, how do the Elites scale, 2x health, and damage? If so I will need to cut the regular mods damage in half. With the current balancing that I am working on, the highest dmg a mob will do is 5.5 at LVL 1 which is 55% of the HP of my lowest HP class (ouch). If the elite does 2x that then he is getting 1 shotted.

Elites have 2x health, mana, and rage limits. But do the same damage. So they can take more punishment and use more magic, but are otherwise the same as regular monsters.

Big super-dangerous monsters will be coming as world raid bosses; that’s further down the roadmap. :smiley:

Yeah, I was doing some testing and came to that conclusion. Incidentally, the HP scale seems to be a little larger than 2x, it is closer to 2.05x. The resources seemed unaffected.

On another note, I have found that adding and changing abilities for all the classes and monsters to be incredibly tedious. Have you ever thought about putting an Ability Designer in the Designer menu and linking it to ability selection via drag-n-drop or drop down menu. This would be my top QoL change. Otherwise, great game so far, keep the updates coming.

From what I can tell that is because attributes like health, rage, and mana are actually floating point numbers assigned from the sliider, but the value shown is an integer. Not all 10’s are the same.