How do ability costs work?

Heya, everyone.

So, I gotta say the wording when you create a new ability is a bit odd with the costs associated. Say I create an ability called “Backstab” and I want it to cost 3 Rage… do I put in “Cost to activate” as “3.0 Rage” or do I put it in as “-3.0 Rage”?

Because, see, I tend to see my players run around with a whole lot of Rage and whether that is due to my costs all using positive values or because something else may be wrong on my end is tough to observe.

Cheers and thanks for the help!

Hey, abilities need to have a cost with a ‘-’ sign in front of it in order to deduct the amount of resources you specify. For example an ability with 2.0 mana cost will give the user 2.0 mana on activation on level 1. A cost of -2.0 mana will deduct 2.0 mana on activation on level 1. It works this way because of coding at the moment. It could change in the future when the system gets more polish.

Another thing to keep in mind is that currently every number in the ability screen scales multiplicative with level. So a -2.0 cost ability will cost 2.0 mana on level 1 and 20.0 mana on level 10. Your users’ mana also scales with level. What you should look out for is damage. A 12 damage ability will 1 shot any character with 12 health on level 1. Because of scaling it will one shot that character on every level.

I hope this helps.