How Buff/Nerf works?

Found only a old Thread about this without a solution so asking again.

Whats the Deal with Buff/Nerf?
My Classes are B/A/A rated and still have like 400 calls to Nerf.
I already nerfed the Classes 2 times.
If they figth alone they barely can kill one mob without using a potion. But if they’r in a group it’s way to easy.

And what is if the calls are 50/50. Do i have to ignore this ?

I know its depending on the rate from the class but, in the first place, how is it calculated?
Affect the Buff/Nerf calls the addiction for a class?
So many Questions about this.

It would be great if i can know how the System behind this works.

Thanks in advance

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Hey, thanks for the question! Sometimes players will ask for a class to be buffed/nerfed, but much like real life, it’s not because the class actually needs balancing but because players just want the game to be easier. Sounds like your classes are already fairly evenly balanced, so you can probably ignore a certain amount of requests from your players at this point. Also, here is a note from Trevor on tier lists from our discord server: “… don’t take the tier system too seriously. It’s meant to be a rating of how much your players like the classes, and is never going to be balanced or accurate and will vary from day to day as the game’s meta evolves, even if you don’t change the classes at all. There are absolutely zero penalties for classes showing up as unbalanced; it just makes players happier when their own class goes up in the tier listings.” Hope all that helps!


Hey Alex,
thanks a lot for the quick answer. This really helps a lot.

Can you tell at how much asks we have to take it seriously ?

And I would be appreciative if you can answer my second question too.

Does the Buff/Nerf asks affect the addictivity for a class ?
Trevor already said the system behind the addictivity is really complex. The only thing I want to know is if it does.

Again, thanks in advance.

The addiction mechanic is really complicated, we’re semi-regularly making changes to it, and Trevor wants to keep it under wraps. So sorry! We’re not going to tell you. Have an experiment and see if you can figure it out yourself :wink:

I just want to say, the amount of detail and depth you all put into the game is incredible. This continues to be one of my top games.

To be fair, the addiction mechanic is terrible. It’s not explained at all and doesn’t serve to actually keep people playing. This junk should just be removed, not kept by the devs as some “closely guarded secret that only we understand”. Either explain it or get it the hell out of here, a mechanic no one understands isn’t “deep” or “clever”, it’s just “bad”. :joy: