How about a showcase category here on the forum?

Just got this game, played 5 hours straight just now, lol! Would love to see other people’s projects. Images or videos etc that people can upload. Does this forum support image uploads? Otherwise, does anyone know of a different place where people share their projects?


I have recorded a video of one my games with 5 zones and more than a million in funds. (I assure you no cheat). You asked and here it is. You can download the video here it is an .mpg file. I hope this helps: Dropbox - Base Profile 2021.08.02 - - Simplify your life

I love this idea!

Would you necessarily want a whole category for it? Or maybe just an images thread? Please absolutely feel free to create a thread for pictures of people’s builds!

We also have a #build-pics channel over on our Discord which has heaps of images posted in it, but there’s no reason why we couldn’t have one here as well.