Horde vs Alliance (factions)

Hey, I just wanted to share a thought I had that I feel would make the game more fun.

Much like WoW’s Alliance vs Horde, I would like to make MMO’s with factions that have separate starting areas.

The easiest way I can see this happening would be this:

2 separate level 1 zones, 1 for each faction.
Entrance Gates should have an option to choose which classes can start the game through that gate. 4 classes instead of 3 should be available off the start.
This way I can make 2 unique classes for each faction and have them start in different zones.

A setting on each class to tick boxes marking which other classes they are allowed to PVP against would prevent people from fighting their own faction while also making players automatically fight classes marked as the enemy faction.

I think it would be fun watching hordes of players from each faction battle over contested territory.


Looks like factions are already on the roapmap! https://www.mmorpgtycoon.com/roadmap


I hope we’re allowed to make more than 2 factions.

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