Healer Duels (Suggestion to add timer to dueling)

So, I found a healer duel in my game and decided to watch for a bit, but I found that after 3+ days of this duel going on they are still at it.

I am suggesting having a timer for duels that break into a tie if nobody wins by the end of the timer.

These two NPC Players will never level or go beyond this point of the game unless I personally manipulate one of them.

Sounds to me that their healing is too overpowered compared to their dmg output.
As a rule of thumb, always make sure classes are viable for solo too. While assigning them different roles (tank, healer, dps) is certainly viable, a lot of the time players dont actually group up.

I think these healers have a hard time doing anything when they are not in a group. Have you tried giving them less heals/more dmg options?

While their damage is low, they can solo monsters pretty well as long as the monster doesn’t heal also (Haven’t implemented much of that yet.)

But this was more to point out the possibility and suggest adding the timer.

On a side note, I actually favorited the two healers so I can go back and check on them now and then and they been going at it for over a week now. Also, they are level 1 so they are a bit limited in scope.

At level 1 everyone has 1 damage base attack and some kind of 3-5s CD ability (Damage, Heal, Slow,Stun Etc.)