Happy Users in Socialization game with 1 single quest

So it seems possible to have a Social game that keeps users very happy to simply socialize and no monsters or anything else. As you know Social includes Friend’s List to start with and I added Instant Messaging when it was available.

I found out the one Quest I added wasn’t really needed but I placed the usual buildings down, you know the Tavern, The Inn, Landmark, Blacksmith, Potion shop, Respawn Point and Starting Point, the Quest Giver at the entrance to the zone sent people to 5 buildings and once they returned they were more than happy to get into circles and chat with one another! I was expecting them to un-subscribe as there was nothing for them to do but they stayed on for hours and simply chatted with high satisfaction! I have to say I also kept on checking the ‘There are too many jerks in the chat’ though and warned Toxic users when I found them which helped but it was a tedious task to keep up with that otherwise you can have thousands of people who are happy to just group up and chat with each other. Who would have thought?

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So basically you made an MMORP, skipping the “game” part?

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This was just an experiment to see what makes users happy and apparently if they are into socializing they are happy to do the single quest and then get on with the serious business of socializing. Hey of you have friends list and instant messaging and all you want is to socialize with friends I guess that is what they are after to make make them happy.