Gui Windows go black when moved to certain locations

Issue: When clicking on a player moving the window around to certain locations on the screen make the window go black.
Crash (y/n): N
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows 10

When you click on a player and get the infomation window up if you move it around the screen it gets shaded then goes to black depending on where you drag it to.
The window is only fully viewable in the center and towards the top of the screen.
I am playingin window mode.

Images attached.

Gah, yes, I noticed this yesterday, but was thinking that it hadn’t gone out in a build yet.

What I did was to make window shading occur in the shader, relative to the same values which control how a window rezzes in and out. And… I missed that those values only were being updated when they were actually rezzing in and out. So if you move a window, its background gradient is still based around that starting position.

It’s an easy fix! It’ll be in the next build.

EDIT: I made this change in order to make the gradient on the action bar tabs match the gradient on the main body of the action bar, incidentally. Previously, there was a very visible difference between their colors.