Graveyard Bug, frozen giant characters

It appears a similar bug is happening at a very busy level 1 graveyard. Images below. I was fast forwarding and got an alert for zone being at capacity and users not being able to log in. After correcting the situation I noticed the pile up at the graveyard. Saving and reloading the game corrected the issue. The fix you put in to correct this problem previously corrected the save, but it still can happen.

Also, wanted to point out that the main menu, cursor, and loading are outstanding!

I got the problem too, I tried to ban the players to disappear it, but there were too many players there, I failed finally.

Try enabling the test branch in steam. After that reload the game it should be corrected. After being on the newest test version it still can happen again, that’s what this screen shot is showing Trevor. If it happens again, save the game exit and reload that should correct it, it did for me atleast.

Thanks for the updates! It’s interesting that it somehow is happening again and my tests for it aren’t being triggered.

That probably narrows it down a lot; maybe will help me find it!