Gratitude. Observations. Suggestion

First, I apologize for using Google translate.

One of the best gaming experiences in a long, long time. I forgot about eating and sleeping while enjoying your game! I am ready to spend HUNDREDS of hours, getting the unique gaming experience provided by you! The concept of the game, loading screen, possibilities and potential - caused an incredible, almost childish delight! I am immensely grateful to you for that. If it weren’t for the technical limitations of my computer, I would be lost in your game for many weeks!

It is the technical limitations that break the enjoyment of your game. My computer’s capabilities allow me to play real MMPRPGs, but after 50k + subscribers, the game slowly and painfully dies. This is surprising and disappointing, because if it is possible to consume more RAM, the game does not do this. Reducing the graphics parameters does not significantly affect this. I’m ready to go back to the 98 schedule just to keep getting the gaming experience you offer! It is not at all clear how much “decoration” affects the performance of the game. It was found experimentally that filling the world with “decorations” does not significantly affect performance, but many objects (approximately 1500-2000) had to be deleted to check this. For this reason, I was very indignant because of the lack of a “brush” to remove “decorations”.
Certainly a lot of “mechanics” are incomprehensible. For example, “addiction”, how this indicator is formed, what it specifically affects and how to “balance” it. Some other mechanics were intuitively comprehended, which makes it somewhat difficult to get pleasure. I was constantly faced with a lack of information about mechanics and their actions, as well as a lack of statistics to form a “complete picture” of the desired balance. From time to time there was a keen desire to look at graphs, diagrams and tables, but the game simply does not provide them. Also, setting the “characteristics” of game classes requires the possibility of more fine tuning, as with the damage indicators. Millimeters of change can give different decimal values, which, when levels accumulate, results in a significant difference. This was also experimentally established by creating the same “classes” with indicators of 10/10/10/10, however, at level 3, decimal differences are immediately visible. I would like to say a few words about the observations of the graphics. I am concerned about two main issues: 1. The mass of unactivated buildings can have consequences for epileptics, not to mention a sharp decrease in productivity. 2. not so significant, but the “editor” of the landscape, when creating water, reveals some objects of the “scenery” located underground. Returning to the question of the performance impact of such objects, would this affect overall performance?
(So ​​I just started) :sweat_smile:
Speaking about the concept of the “developer”, it is not at all clear to me why the profit from one project is not common for all projects (other MMORPGs) - it seems obvious. The creation of a basic meager project and several “experimental” ones due to the success of the main one - also seems obvious, because we are talking about development. In addition to the acute shortage of graphical settings, there is a lack of “loading” from the in-game menu, as well as autosave frequency settings. As an item in the “debug” menu, the performance load of the zone does not seem to interfere. I would like to track objects, players and their number in order to possibly reduce the load on the computer. Based on this, the question arises about the “minimum” level of scenery to satisfy the mini-players with the view and the city, to avoid oversaturation with objects for weak devices.I am aware that the project is under development, and I ask you to understand that I am trying to help because there was love at first sight. But how frustrating is the need for personal control of “toxic” players and cheaters, so much has been written about this topic on this forum, but I had no right not to mention it. The lack of places in “hotels” and the resulting problems of minigamers are also troubling. Viewing the report reveals a lot of random points of discontent, sometimes located at a significant distance from the city, due to which there is an “exit”. The release tracking parameter is also missing in the reports, is this just due to lack of space or are there other reasons? The source of the idea of ​​limited places in the “hotels” is clear to me, but this is how the first locations turn into Las Vegas, where there are only hotels, and this spoils the general atmosphere “conceived” by the player. Am I understanding the mechanics of “bugs” correctly? Are bugs formed in the most crowded places? If yes, then this problem cannot be solved simply by increasing the number of such establishments, in any case there will be the most popular and most “buggy” place. If not, how can you fix this problem? This is again about the lack of information about the mechanics of the game, but no offense, of course :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Many questions arise about the mechanics of “dead souls” (yes, it’s Gogol, yes, I’m from Russia), how does it work? Are there minigamers who do not return to the game for one reason or another and do they occupy places in hotels? If a minigamer doesn’t have enough funds to renew his subscription, is he a “dead soul” and takes up a place in the hotel, or is there an automatic unsubscription? The localization issue bothers me too, I do not have enough knowledge of the language to fully interact with the game, of course this is my problem, but support for the Russian language is necessary! Amateur translations are already online and make life easier for dropouts like me, but the quality of the translation distorts some important aspects of the game, which can also make immersion and understanding difficult. It took an insanely long time to understand how the monster XP and quest reward systems work. I’m just begging you to either add more tuning parameters or add more statistics and information to fine tune these systems. For example, an indicator of experience that can be obtained from all “quest givers” in a location is necessary, otherwise you have to act intuitively in the case of a non-standard division of experience. A similar problem with experience for moving and completing quests in the previous location. It is indicated that such a quest rewards experience for the previous levels, although the quest was received at the current level. (I hope you will understand me). It turns out that in order to calculate how much experience you need to get, you need to count it manually, and this is a disaster. Certain items on the minigamer and overview menus raise expediency questions. They are probably the basis for many other possibilities, but they can be improved even now by simply adding a description or sorting. “Analysis” of the mini-player, what does the characteristic affect, if not, does it load the system? The “subscribers” tab needs sorting capabilities, just to analyze actions and their number. There are a lot of questions about the in-game currency of the minigamer. It is very difficult to calculate the optimal reward without knowing how much the minigamer earns from the sale of loot from monsters. Some minigamers run with thousands of units and how to balance this is not clear. (I understand that the game is in early access) :innocent:
The “monster” brush needs indicators of the number of monsters in the area next to the price, just for ease of understanding. Setting up “bosses” is also necessary, otherwise it is not clear how much experience the minigamer gets for it, and the respawn time must be adjusted.Is the description “I keep dying” bad? My personal experience says that death in MMORPGs is the norm, do minigamers complain about it, or does this parameter not affect anything? Otherwise, it makes sense to make such opponents who would never kill anyone, and this somewhat breaks the concept of the game! All in all, if it weren’t for my computer’s lack of performance, none of this would have stopped me from continuing to enjoy the game, apart from lack of description and information, a bit of an Excel spreadsheet simulator would be welcome!


Based on the above, I have several suggestions that may have already been voiced in other discussions, but only you - the developers can read them all!
In-game FPS. Steam launch options to increase performance and mix the emphasis on speed over beauty. Color customization of scenery and buildings, as far as I know, is easy to implement, but it will add more options to fine tuning and keep players in the game for much longer! Change the scale of buildings and other non-decorative objects. Adjust the turning angle of roads like walls! Oh yeah, I forgot to express my special thanks for the modular buildings! All the same, you need to be able to remove classes of minigamers and abilities, otherwise one mistake and you have to customize the whole class. It is necessary to be able to customize the colors of monsters for different locations without separately setting up a new monster category. Add objects - places for “communication” otherwise “circles of communication” are formed inside some decorations. The category “taverns” may be suitable for this. Fix a bug with the “game version” when a “version” is added for each decorator object. So for setting up 3 locations, I can open all the possibilities of the game with all the bonuses, if I did not ignore it. And so the version of the game could be 3.1.4549.

-Extraordinary offers

Your game has the unique potential to create a completely new gaming experience. I’m talking about Emergence. This is the profile of my scientific activity. Implementing such a system in the game is more than likely, given that you already have a foundation. The essence of the emergent properties of complex chaotic systems is the interaction of many simple elements and the formation of new properties that do not belong to the elements separately. (I don’t know if the translator can handle these). Let’s take a few examples of emergent properties that have already been realized in your game - these are endless “social circles”. or search for a path with many objects (yes, I understand that this is implemented differently in software), but the search for a path can be carried out like a swarm of intelligence, which will create interesting patterns of movement with a certain complexity of the location! I understand that this complication of the game may not be in your interests, but programming for the interaction of minigamers, your game will have a unique “chaotic” experience, creating unique scenarios. By adding an economic system inside the “MMORPG” in an emergent environment, unique patterns of object behavior can arise - a market collapse, unique mass events not tied to the player’s actions, etc. Then the behavior of your mini-players will resemble the behavior of living objects, such as ants, which in itself is a unique gaming experience! So, a few simple rules for the exchange of information and the interaction of objects, potential swarm behavior and, probably, a small neural network and your game will step to a whole new level. I don’t insist, but as a scientist I am in awe at the thought of such a gaming experience. + this can serve as a good basis for a new round of studying emergent systems. By the way, Steam is an emergent platform where mods or models evaluated by other players can be offered in the master, the more votes the more likely these mods are of high quality or interesting. I don’t understand why the developers don’t involve volunteers and modders to expand at least the collection of objects and models by setting certain parameters and rules.

I hope I will be heard and understood. I would like to apply for closed tests, but I’m afraid the language barrier and a weak computer will not allow me. Thank you for your attention and I hope I did not miss anything and did not offend anyone. You have a great game with incredible potential! :heart_eyes: :heart:

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