Giant players - Stationary and cannot be clicked


Issue: Immobile giants have invaded my game.
Crash (y/n): n
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows
Description: There’s been a handful of players in the game that are scaled up to about twice the size of regular players. They cannot be selected and are stuck in a walking position. I had a couple frozen inside the starting point entrance, and about 4 more just down the road. After a few minutes, they disappeared one by one. None have re-emerged as of yet, but I did manage to snap a shot of the critters:


Gah! Thanks for the report!

I have some ideas about where these might be coming from. Will report back soon with details! :smiley:


cheat mode option :stuck_out_tongue:


This just in! Another Hagrid has been spotted in the latest build.
Has anyone else experienced these slightly overgrown beings? Perhaps this save of mine is just a little dated.


It won’t be your save; I made a change to how character scaling is applied, in the latest build; I bet it’s breaking in certain circumstances.

I’m looking into it now!


…and I have it fixed now! I’m kind of startled that it was apparently working at all, before! Entirely not a save game problem.