Ghost / freezed & very big users

Issue: users standing freezed on paths and are a lot bigger than normal
Crash (y/n): n
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Win10_x64
Description: Many users standing on the roads, are freezed completly but clickable. and they are alot bigger than normal unfreezed users. looks funny…

save file download:

Awesome, thanks for the report, I’ll check it out!

Also, I should really build a “report bug” functionality straight into the game, so it can automatically upload saves to me so that you don’t need to do it manually.

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Are these happening in a consistent place? I’m having trouble finding them in your save, but I’ll keep looking!

We’ve seen these “large characters” before; when the camera zooms out, I actually slowly scale up the characters so they remain visible from further away, and when we’ve seen this in the past, it’s been that characters thought they weren’t visible on screen and so we’re bothering to update their scale… but… when that happened, you couldn’t click on them (again, because they didn’t think they were visible on screen). So… this is presumably something new. Still looking!

Sorry for the late reply

After reloading with the new version today i wasnt able to reproduce this behaviour but i will inform you if it happens again

I’ve managed to reproduce the behaviour!

What’s happening is that the back-end subscriber simulation checks for people who have decided to unsubscribe rather slowly. If you have several thousand subscribers, it can take perhaps a minute for it to notice that somebody has chosen to unsubscribe and actually purge them from the simulation.

Ordinarily, that’s no big deal. But what you’re seeing here, is that there are a couple of ways for someone to choose to unsubscribe which don’t actually log out before unsubscribing. When that happens, the subscriber’s character remains on the map, selectable, but doesn’t animate at all. Eventually, the character gets removed once the back-end system notices that the subscriber is unsubscribing and cleans up… but there can be a long time before that happens!

I believe I’ve fixed this now; subscribers now always log out before unsubscribing, which gets rid of these phantom characters.

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