Get through Greenlight with this one weird trick

(Me from the future: Hi! I originally wrote this post back in July of 2016, on my old blog site. I wanted to bring it with me onto the new site, so I’ve presented it below with only minor edits. If you’ve read this before, there’s nothing new in this version of the post, and you may safely skip it.)

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I would say none of tips you have given make an ounce of difference, when weighed against your 2 biggest pulls: You have free, previous work available, and you have been working on community building for months leading into this.

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Thanks for the comment, Enjgine! I absolutely agree with you that having a pre-existing community of people who are interested in your work makes a huge difference; You’re completely right that I don’t spend nearly enough space talking about the importance of building that community in advance of launching the Greenlight campaign.

I wouldn’t discount the importance of the trailer, though; far, far more people found my game’s Greenlight page through Greenlight (or through other media coverage) than found it through my community. To my mind, having a really tight trailer is the most critical element out of all the tips presented here, even more than having a pre-existing community.

Maybe someday I’ll show folks my early trailer drafts. Those early drafts were shocking. Really make you appreciate what a difference editing and pacing can make.

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