General questions

Hello players and developer. Could you take any doubts about the game?

  1. How to create an area with more than one level as shown in the game trailer.

  2. How do I create dungeons in the game, because the number of dungeons appears in the map information but I don’t know how to create them.

  3. I have a problem where level 1 players are being born in level 2 or + areas and die very quickly. How to fix? (my map is combat).

  4. Is there an option for players to do a mission only once and move on to the next mission as a story mode? I’m having difficulties because thousands of level 1 players are just in the starting city doing the same quests repeatedly weighing heavily on the region’s network.

Sorry for the translation I’m Brazilian and I don’t know English properly

Hello I will try to answer as best I can.

  1. I believe the multi level zones have been disabled temporarily until the player AI can use them properly. For now it works best to create single level zones with a few monsters zones and a few quests. When players level they immediately try to find the next level zone.

  2. I believe dungeons are not yet implemented.

  3. New players will always join your game from the new player spawn building (can’t remember the name but it is an arch in it’s own building subcategory) These should be placed only in your level one zones. All other zones just require graveyards and taverns to start to function.

  4. Players should be doing quests only once. If there are no more quests they can level by grinding close mobs, though often they chose to duel and socialize to clog your servers :slight_smile: . You can try to micro some of your level one players; progression by increasing the exp. for some quests in order to level some of them to level 2 quickly.

Hope this helps.