Game won't let me launch from steam.

Failed assertation: No Support for OpenGL 3.3 (maximum version supported: 0.00)
Cannot run. Try updating your display drivers?
Failed condition: (supporstOpenGL33)
at VS_Renderer_OpenGL.cpp:506

It says my PC (Which I just built last week) doesn’t support OpenGL 3.3 even though its an I5-12600k which can support up to OpenGL 4.5. Does it have to support 3.3 exactly? But that wasn’t the case for my older (12 year old PC with upgrades throughout the years) which had an I7-4770 which supports OpenGL 4.3. I really hope its not like a really simple answer because then I’ll feel like a goof. Please help though, I’d really love to play the game and stress test my rig with the sheer amount of objects I want to place.

First off welcome to the forums! Secondly I have no idea how to help you here, all I know about computers is they run games lol