Game suggestions, criticisms and review of current state

I gotta say, I’ve been having a blast with the game so far. It’s like a dream come true. I’m currently 50 hours in and designing my first lv 10 zone. However, my imagination was already pushing its limits on zone 6. Abilities, monsters, and quests were just too samey to one another. I wanted to share some of my experiences and some ideas of mine that I’d do, would I be working on the game (I totally wish I could). Since this is most I can do currently to help, I really wish the devs could see this at least to serve as a inspiration standpoint.

Spells/Abilities : When selecting the effect type, maybe showing a grid instead of column (with similar effects on same line)? New effects like Aoe( hits mob at distance N of target as well) Or bouncing attack. Push/Pull target (move Target N meters in relation to self, onto walkable surface only). Summon spells. Debuff immunity(also serves as a dispel). Freeze effect ( a stun that breaks upon damage). Ability to choose the debuff FX on the target.

  • SpellCosts: apart from rage/mana costs, Add coin, cash, self inflicted debuff/buff as a cost of a of activating a spell. So lets say I can cast this giant fireball but I’m stunned for 3 seconds for doing so and take DoT damage as well Or freeze myself in a frost spell. Also maybe a third kind of mana bar that does not increase on its own and is exclusive to spells to control and use it.

  • Effects: Increasing Max health/mana/rage. Modify damage/magic_damage and differentiate the 2. Allow modification to slow % and allow speed up as well. A modifiable probability % for a chosen effect to occur when the spell is cast(should be pretty easy to have a pre generated pseudo random number list where you loop over it for dice rolls).

  • PassiveAbilities: They would have a extra thing to choose from. A condition to occur. A list of like health gained/lost, mana gain, Is stunned, is rooted, mov speed above/below value, current health above/below value, just periodically activate. The effects would be same as usual but cannot trigger another passive. 3: the target of the effect, being the usual self && condition inflictor

Equipment: If the game had editable item and loot tables id be asking for a vacations just to play this game. I swear, this game NEEDS this. The main problem I see with not adding items(apart from the lack of variety it could give) is that the combat is way too predetermined exclusive by level. Basically if a lv 2 warrior beats a lv 2 wolf, then a lv 10 warrior will beat a lv 10 wolf as each scales the same as they grow in level.

When I imagine designing a item. First, they could be Weapon, Armor, consumables, quest Item. They will have assignable rarities (thrash, common, rare, epic ,legendary). Each rarity has a editable drop chance assigned to it. Each rarity is sold for different prices to and from the vendors from its assignable base price.

  • Loot table: say you can create various loot tables in a separate screen. A single loot table would contain just the set of items assigned to it and maybe its Level, can also add repeats to increase probability. A loot table would then be assigned to a zone or a elite mob. A loot table can also be assigned to a Shop allowing the shop to sell those items or a quest reward/chest. With rarity determining its gold cost. Level would also affect item gold cost.

  • Weapon: Could be of various hardcoded types(sword, bow, staff,…) Would give a single active spell to the yielder. Equipment restrictions would be decided on the class design screen.

  • Armour: Again could just be hardcoded types(cloth, leather, plate). Would give a single passive spell to the yielder.

  • Consumables: Give to the user a single active spell for a single use, the item is then consumed.

  • Mounts: More gold sink and a good place for more premium stuff

  • Accessories: Wings, halos, glowie effects, sunglasses, hats, pets. All useful gold sinks.

  • Auction House: A place where the players will sell stuff they don’t need at (slightly lower price) and buy stuff they do need. Also a good way to get the right items to the right hands and make them spend their gold. Who knows, maybe this could make a hell of a market simulator.

Quests: They are currently way way too basic, not to mention that players seems to prefer grinding and just ignore questing altogether. Specially the second quest pretty much never gets completed, or if there is unrelated monster zone between the class objective and the class giver.

  • Fetch item quest: have placeable interactable chests and doodads that the player needs to loot from in order to complete the quest. Or just find N of the chosen quest item from a loot table.

  • Escort Quest: After the player accepts the quest, the quest giver will start walking towards the chosen quest destination (maybe have a editable path). The players must protect him. If new players meet him halfway, they can grab the quest midway without interrupting the npc and proceed to help. When npc reaches the destination every surrounding player with the quests, completes the quest.

  • Quest reward: Assign a individual item or loottable to a quest. Players could get a random item from the loot table or choose N of them.

  • Class quest: If the chosen NPC quest giver is of a class type, then his quest can only be grabbed by that class type.

  • Hunt player: kill N players of lv L for pvp worlds.

  • Trap Quest: The quest giver will become hostile and attack the player as soon as he gets the quest. Quest is completed if player kills the NPC.

NPC: Why can you design only 2 NPCs?? I honestly don’t know why that restriction. The guards and npc could have their lvs editable, player of other factions could choose to attack it. They could also use a editable patrol route.

  • Class trainer: Maybe have a way to cap the skill lv they teach? It could be the zone level, but in that case you could just make a lv 50 capital city with all trainers, but I guess thats designers choice anyway.

  • Monster Zone: They could use a editable agroo radius(maybe editable in the monster design instead) and chase distance ( the heroes need to learn to runway for that though). But still useful against kiters. They could also have a edit color scheme button which will edit only that specific monster zone, a add a title to the name eg “dread” wolf, and a Sync with all monsters of this Type and Level button. They could also have a assignable loot table^ and grid selection when selecting monster.

  • Elite Monster zone: Allow to link more than 1 elite monster together, so they walk as a group. The edit color scheme and loot tables ^ as well. They can also have a editable patrol zone that they follow. Agroo radius. A edit size scale and power scale screen. A reason for players to give a shit about it. Players atm just ignore the Giant crocodile roaming in a crowded city.

  • Trap Monster Zone: The zone is empty, but spawns a monster to attack the player when he enters the zone. The crocs are alot scarier when you cant see the 50 of them just waiting for you underwater.

  • Loot Zone: Editable zone that adds that loot table to all normal monsters inside that zone.

  • Elite treasure chest: Similar to the elite monster placement, it just places a single interactable object that has a loot table assigned to it and players can choose to loot it. It could just have a fixed respawn rate of 10s but not allow the same player to take it again. Or have a assignable respawn rate and just have the Real player deal with it by adding more monsters to defend it.

Players: Their favorite action so far, is to walk across the continent, through a high lv zone filled with spiders, to reach another zone of their level, to kill a single bear that agrooed then travel back.

  • They seem to lack the enthusiasm of checking out a never seen before zone or just exploring in general.
  • They dont give a shit about the server adding new classes, you would expect a lot of people would create alts with the new classes.
  • They never ever help a fellow player getting attacked nearby (I’m guessing no shared xp in this world huh ).
  • They don’t give a shit about endgame content. It feels like they know beforehand whether a monster is stronger than your average monster. So they tend to avoid quests related to those monsters.
  • Groups seems to be falling apart constantly if a party member dies. Party could use a party rez and party summon spells.
  • They like to travel back and forth non stop. talk some, kill random mob, travel elsewhere. Just saying that humans are a tad more efficient and if they were to travel across the zone, they would likely do the quests along the way.
  • The hacking is kind of a pain to deal with, i wish I could just pay the support team to deal with that. The game needs more places to spend money anyway. I just end up favoriting the speed hackers to play as them.
  • They need to shut up about dying all the time and git gud. In their mind, highest DPS = top tier. Invincible support class with shit dps and a broken avg time to death = needs buff.
  • Being able to create your own character and play your game would be awesome. Can you imagine if a not so popular streamer like, SpiffinBritt, played and his subscribers could actually join his created world?

SocialActivities: I guess this feature is about to come, but to mention a few ideas. Guilds with guild houses and their own random regenerated tabard. Guild organizes guild events, meetings, raids(lets tackle our most common highest lv quest or smt). Have L33T guilds that allow no one but no lives gurus and high lv players to join. Asking high lv buddy to do elite quest.


  • Inns: There never seems to be enough inns. I guess players create accounts just to use up my inns slot then stop playing. I also made over a 4 million by charging real money in them. Have a list of players that i can click through that are inside the Inn, also have the sort by class/level/name functionality. Every building could use this feature.
  • Graveyards: Could deduct gold/cash from players if the choose to not walk to their corpse.
  • GateHouses: Could prevent player from going through unless he meets a chosen criteria. min/max Level, pay gold/cash, has specific questitem. class type.
  • Banks: Although probly not necessary in the current version. They would be excellent if the above item ideas were implemented.
  • 2 way portal: Another travel method.
  • Boat/zepplin: Would be specially useful if they were also longer than the normal flight paths.

Could also use a larger grid than as 2xN. Maybe add a subcategory menu. Rocks and trees could also randomize after placing them. Having placeable fences or something else with collision would be nice. Integrating the scenery, monster models and spell FX to the steam workshop would be great at increasing game content.

Tycoon Aspect: Where are all the graphs?? where are all the statistics?? How are you suppose to balance stuff and see through this gigantic world without graphs to help you.

  • Quests: The statistics should apply to each quests differently, otherwise you would have to create a npc per quest to track them. Show various plot lines, 1 per quests on the graphs. It could also use avg completion time, fastest completion time, preferably by class.
  • Monsters: The monster design screen of a certain monster can have statistics of how many of each class it killed and killed it. Highest kill streak of the day.
  • Classes: The class screen could have statistic and graphs about avg death amount by level. Avg monster kill amount by level. Avg quest done by level. Avg time to level per level. Avg dps per level, Avg gold per level. Skill usage %(the percentage wise the class chose each skill).
  • Overview: There should be graphs about avg gold per level. The subscriber page should be sortable by Level/name/gold/class and type(streamer, guro, etc).
  • Limitations: I’m not entirely sure why so many limitations on the number of designable NPCS, classes, monsters, spells. I don’t see why not just pay indefinately to unlock more. Also limitations on health values and effect values. Why cant I increase the damage taken over 100%? or more than 30 base health.
  • Regions: Pie chart containing time spent questing, dead, chatting ,afk ,fighting, shopping, walking. Pie chart with quests completed by class. Pie chart with deaths per class. Pie chart with class distribution in region,

I know I may have said quite a lot about the game and it may come across as rude or undermining the game. But actually all these ideas were possible as result of a already great base game that still has loads of potential in its future.


I talked a lot about macro changes to the game, however I agree with everyone “micro” aka more leaning AI changes you talked about here, especially with the dps tier list, they could have 200 dps but 1 hp and die once a minute and it would be an S tier class

add STR, AGI, INT perhaps… in character design…

These are all great ideas! Especially the customizable items and loot tables. Personally I would love much more in-depth quests. In real games, you can do questlines where one quest leads to another, then another, then maybe a final boss or something. This would be really cool to do in MMORPG Tycoon 2! Also I would love to be able to have a long quest description, even if it doesnt do anything just to add some customizability :smiley:

Huge what you just wrote, so much interesting stuff!
I wanted to suggest (to the szenerie) to implemate a river tool to make rivers and bridges :slight_smile:
Would do a lot for the scenerie!
Have a great day everyone! The game has huge potential!

I totally agree about the items.
It would be awesome if we could design entire Raids and raid gear complete with the drop %.

What I would love to see is professions like in WOW being added, that would give our subscribers more things to do and make the game feel like a true MMO.

Love the game so far you pretty much said anything I could think of though I would like to see them add things like crit chance and dmg, more buffs so as to diversify the classes more and make them more unique from each other.

For the quest i would add, a system of following quest. To have a Main Story and some Side Story with multiple quest. They must do one, than the second etx, they can’t do the 2nd without doing the 1st.


Omg yessss!!! I was thinking about these things before I read this post. I really hope a Dev sees this and relays it back to the team.

I’d play this game non stop if it had this kind of customization. The base game is good now, but if what OP said was added… this game would be on another level! It Would be an insane Simulator game, probably the best… or one of the best of all time.

I just had a cool idea, it would be neat if players had message to each other, that are interactive, so if they’re pvping and they lose there is some dialogue that pops up like “gg”, “ez” “%#@%^^@”, or if theyre using a class that is S tier say “S class users” or something like that, add some humor to the game

Going through the forums there was a trend that popped up every so often about people asking if there would be custom loot or not, and the general consensus was that it would take up to much processing power to achieve that. However I propose a solution that meets halfway and is more reasonable, and realistic. What is there was loot tiers 'common, uncommon, rare, legendary, mythical" that gave a flat boost to the character stats, however it is level based. For example, a player could have a lvl 1 common weapon which gives them a +1 damage increase on all abilities (damage/heals) but doesn’t scale like regular damage does, so if the player has a level 1 common weapon, yet the player is level 5 the damage scale from lvl 5 would be separate from the common weapon they have equipped. Just like everything else, this is customizable so how much gold weapons/armor can be bought for, and possibility different stat boosts for different classes so a tank and dps both don’t get the same buffs. Finally I’m unsure how intensive this last part would be, but a possibility of mobs to drop loot and players having a “bag” to hold 3 extra weapons / armor to sell.

While typing this I did come up with 2 more ideas, this first one does lean into the more intensive side of the spectrum, that is just like monster, and the classes, have another page for loot, specify what kind of of loot it is weapon/ armor. From there what kind of weapon, magically, ranged, melee. Same with armor light, medium, heavy, those specifications so loot is for only certain classes. Just like the classes and monsters when they reach another level they can learn a new ability. So with the armor/ weapons you can set stats buffs it gives them for x level, rariety could be how expensive it is to buy from the store, or the chance it may drop from a boss or dungeon.

Lastly the final idea is purely cosmetic, so like with the customization you can make custom weapons however they dont give any buffs or benefits rather just for looks, however it can contribute to the players experience, so a legendary weapon can maybe the player happier/ play longer/ etc but if the market is flooded with too many legendary items the players are not as incentive to buy that item, so they don’t want to grind for it. This could also make it so dungeon are more popular so they would get a lvl 10 legendary item only from this dungeon and they want to grind until they get that item.

All of these are just idea but I hope they sparked any ideas for anyone :slight_smile:

Personally I think some simple weapons like; Short Sword, Long Sword, Axe, Short Bow, Long Bow, Crossbow, Hammer, Spear, Halberd and Staves would be a good addition, with the option to colour the various pieces, with lets say 3 separate sections, for instance, handle, main, head. The head being the blade of the sword, for those wondering.

Now this is an interesting suggestion, but the amount of work that would need to be put in for each model is tedious at best. Great suggestion, but I can’t see it being implemented anytime soon.

Now honestly I think Arcane Scrolls would be pretty cool, but again, I can’t see it being added very soon.


  • Now as for Fetch quests I think this is a great idea to add Chests and other “doodads” to the list for a new update, honestly it would make a lot of sense for an RPG.

  • I too have suggested Class quests in my post, and it’s just something that every MMORPG needs in my opinion.

Now honestly this I agree with, I’d suggest toning down the hackers to say a 0.1% chance rather than what seems like 15% whilst also adding in a few more types, such as; damage and health to just name a few.

I have had an issue with with myself, honestly I think that you should have to pay to unlock more classes and monsters and NPCs, rather than waiting for more subscribers. Perhaps add it so that you can either wait for subscribers or pay like 10k for a new slot.

I wish there was someone to hire that would take care of hackers for you.

The Game Masters are supposed to do that

But I’ve found that they don’t take care of all the hackers, should I just hire more gms then?

Even with the maximum 50 I find you’ll still find hackers in your game, but then again the feature does say “[Experimental]”

I have to hire like 6-7 devs just to handle bugs from 1500 subs. I think the devs need a price nerf and a buff to their effectiveness

I really liked your suggestions especially about the quests.