game says "running" then doesnt launch !!!

i’ve researched this error and have done the following:

-updated drivers
-reinstalled MMORPG2
-restarted PC and Steam
-Disabled Anit-malware

already reinstalled steam and have to reinstall everything, MMORPG2 still doesnt launch .-.
UPDATE: it will run in ms16 but idk if that has all the new updates or not :frowning:

So far nothing is letting me launch this specific game, I can run all the other games in my library but not this one :confused: plz help

ms16 is a pretty old build!

Can you run the current ‘default’ build and then post the ‘log.txt’ file it generates? Might give us an idea about why it’s not starting.

You’ll find it here: C:\Users\<account name>\AppData\Roaming\VectorStorm\MMORPG Tycoon 2\

Had to disable all my sound devices but one, very inconvenient, is there a fix for this?

Seems like FMOD is dying even just asking your computer what some of those audio devices are; I’ve never seen that happen before!

I’ve converted that bit of code to be optional, so it won’t stop the game if it generates that sort of error there. That should theoretically work around the problem you’re having, just based on the error message, @Tsuki. This will be in the next ‘test’ build update on Steam (probably tomorrow? It’ll be build 0.17.62), and will move over to the default build after a couple days of testing. I’ll post an update here when it’s ready for testing :slight_smile: