Game Save Issues

The autosave, and other save, features are currently a mess. Why does the game keep saving over my custom save states!? I could understand, if autosave is turned on, it saving over the autosave file periodically and upon exit. However, there is zero excuse for the game to automatically save over one of my personal save states during a periodic autosave or upon exiting. Personal save states should ONLY be for me manually saving the game.

The game does only save over the ‘periodic’ and ‘autosave’ saves; it should never touch your personal save states. (the periodic save, if not disabled, happens every five minutes, and maintains a rotating set of three ‘Periodic’ saves, so you’ve always got a save from within the last five minutes, the last ten minutes, and the last fifteen minutes. The save on exit is ‘Autosave’.)

If you’re finding that the game overwrites your manual saves, that’d be a major bug; definitely let me know, and if there’s something specific you do to trigger it to happen, it’d be very helpful to have that information!