game doesnt start

Issue: (crash upon startup)
Crash (y/n): (y)
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): (windows 10)
Version number: (steam)
Description: (MMORPG Tycoon 2
Checking supported resolutions…
Available Modes
0: 1366 x 768
1: 1360 x 768
2: 1280 x 768
3: 1280 x 720
4: 1280 x 600
5: 1024 x 768
6: 800 x 600
7: 640 x 480
8: 640 x 400
9: 512 x 384
10: 400 x 300
11: 320 x 240
12: 320 x 200
Init: Initialising fullscreen window
Width before: 1024
Found 1 displays:
Display #0 Generic PnP Monitor (1366x768)
SDL_CreateWindow 1024x768x32 video mode, flags 4099
Failed to create OpenGL context for loading??

(please consider attaching your save file, if you think it might help me track down the trouble you’re having!)

Hi, @goko830!

What sort of hardware are you running on, and have you installed the most recent drivers for your video card? The error message suggests that your system doesn’t support rendering via modern OpenGL; we require support for OpenGL 3.3. Usually that just means that you don’t have video drivers installed, and hopefully that’s the problem in this case as well!

i have a Intel® HD graphics 3k, i3-2350m 2.3ghz, 8gb ram
says drivers up to date

From the data on Intel’s site, it looks like your chipset only supports up to OpenGL 3.1, while we require 3.3.

I don’t have any really good suggestions for you; that hardware is definitely well below our posted minimum specs; do you have another computer that you can play on? If not, I can’t really recommend much apart from requesting a refund from Steam. Sorry about that!

ah damn, ill just repurchase it when i get the hardware update, thanks! i unfortunately did request a refund but ill be back when i have my hardware improvements thanks for your time.