game doesn't launch on windows 10

So i buy the game few minutes ago and try to launch it and got this problem from log.txt :
MMORPG Tycoon 2
Checking supported resolutions…
Available Modes
0: 1920 x 1080
1: 1680 x 1050
2: 1600 x 900
3: 1280 x 1024
4: 1280 x 720
5: 1024 x 768
6: 800 x 600
7: 640 x 480
Init: Initialising fullscreen window
Width before: 1024
Found 1 displays:
Display #0 Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080)
SDL_CreateWindow 1024x768x32 video mode, flags 4099

if you got an answer please.

Based upon that log, it looks like it’s failed to create a window for some reason (although it’s weird that it hasn’t printed out the error message for failing to create a window, but also hasn’t progressed to the next log message after creating a window).

Did the game show an on-screen message when it failed?

Additionally, can you tell me about the hardware that you’re running the game on? Is it a desktop? A laptop? What sort of graphics chipset are you using?