Game does not launch on Mac

Issue: Game won’t even launch on MacBook Air, no error message.
Crash (y/n): n
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Mac
Description: The game simply loads on steam, then nothing happens

I’ll check this out when I get access to a Mac tonight!

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Initial investigation: (this is technical; doesn’t require you to understand any of this! Just me getting my thoughts down in words)

First issue is that the OSX build is copying the wrong GLEW library into the application framework. It’s linking against libGLEW.2.1.dylib, but it has copied libGLEW.2.1.0.dylib.

(The two are actually the same file on the build machine, just a mess of symlinks and the wrong one got copied).

If I rename that file to the name expected, then the game launches, but I still get no graphics; just an empty window. Game is running just fine, just not showing anything on screen. Needs more investigation to figure out what’s going wrong there.

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Further details: This “no visuals get drawn” appears to have been a known bug in SDL2, affecting a bunch of other games as well, under OS X Mojave. Documented here:

I’ve now got their fix for that, but it’s not fully working for us. Still making progress, though.

Further notes on the “wrong GLEW library” thing;

The builds actually work (apart from the “not drawing anything” problem) when I produce them; libGLEW.2.1.dylib is installed as a symlink to the libGLEW.2.1.0.dylib file. But… the symlink doesn’t appear when Steam installs the build.

So… issue there is getting the build system to install and link against the correct library, instead of a symlink to it!

…and… something terribly wrong is happening with trackpad controls. USB mouse is fine, but… trackpad has our cursor tracking completely broken, somehow.

I believe I’ve squashed each of these issues, now! Now live on Steam in build 0.16.2.

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