Game Crashes Even After Multiple Patches

Issue: Game Fails To Start
Crash (y/n): y
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows
Version number: V 0.18.63
Description: Everytime i start the game it crashes, it has happened since i bought it and have tested on multiple patches over the months. I have tried re-installing, verifying integrity of cache etc.
Each time it does i get the error message:

Failed assertion: File is corrupt on disk (zlib reports Z_DATA_ERROR)
Failed Condition: (ret !=Z_DATA_ERROR)
at VS_File.cpp:371

If you could give me any advice on how to fix this or even what this message is telling me that would be really helpful as youve created a brilliant game i just cant enjoy it on my main rig, Thank you.

That’s a really unhelpful error message I put there, apologies! :frowning:

The game is failing to load a file, but it’s not saying which file. The next update will have that fixed so we’ll have a better idea of exactly where the problem is!

Have you submitted the crash reports for these? If you message me with your Steam display name I can find you in them and see whether the crash logs give me more information.

Can you tell me exactly when it crashes? There are two likely spots I can imagine; one would be after the “login” animation when it’s about to draw the in-game desktop interface, and the second is after you click to load into a saved game. Is it one of those two spots (and if so, which one?)

Hey, thanks for the quick response & for putting such love into your game.
My steam name is ‘Famxus’
It crashes once I click the button to upload the crash so unsure if they are actually uploading.
Once again i do check it every now & then when i see a patch is up to see if its fixed. ill be sure to let you know if i get any clearer messages in future updates. Thanks again for the time really want to play haha!

Okay, based on when it’s crashing, it’s definitely a corrupt “save.meta.vrz” file. You’re going to need to delete it manually.

The nice thing about this is the file doesn’t contain any critical information. Assuming that’s the only damaged file, your actual saved games should be completely fine. Just delete whichever meta.vrz file is the problem and everything should be good! The problem is knowing which meta.vrz file is the problem.

So, first thing: our save files are all in folders here: %appdata%\roaming\VectorStorm\MMORPG Tycoon 2\save

If you wanted to, you could just go into all the folders there and move away all of the “.meta.vrz” files, leaving the non-meta “.vrz” files, which are the actual saved game data. If you only have one save, that might be easiest! (the desktop windows will be missing information about how many subscribers you have in each save until the next time you save, but that should be the only downside of doing that!)

But alternately, I’m uploading an updated build of the game to the ‘test’ branch on Steam. (select the game in your library, right-click on it and select ‘Properties’, and in the window that opens go to the ‘Betas’ tab and choose to use "test - absolute latest codebase’ instead of ‘default’). If you switch to that ‘test’ build and let Steam install the updated version of the game, I’ve improved the “File is corrupt on disk” error so that it’ll tell you specifically which file is corrupt, so you wouldn’t need to remove all the ‘meta.vrz’ files; just the specific one that the game is failing to open.

That update build should be up on Steam in about 30-40 minutes; I’ll post an update here when it’s ready to go!

And that ‘test’ build is now up on Steam! If you switch over to it and run again, it should tell you exactly what file it’s having trouble reading, which I predict will be one of the “.meta.vrz” files. If so, you should be able to just manually delete that one file in Windows Explorer and everything should work again!

I cannot express how much i appreciate you helping especially on a holiday, just tested it and it is a save conflict but it has now told me which file. About to test removing the files and restarting the game now. Thank you so much Trevor!

Wow absolutley perfect. Brilliant work thank you so so much for taking the time today! Will now spend the rest of my halloween enjoying making an mmo, ill be sure to name a Trevor in there! it was a conflict with my saves so i removed them. Like i said i played it on a laptop first and made the saves on that then played it on my computer but it wouldnt load. Thank you so much I hope you have a lovely halloween! will definitley leave a good review! :smiley: Stay safe!

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