Game crash when moved tavern from one region to another

Issue: Game froze then crashed after i moved a small inn from one region to another (it already had people signed up on it and was basically full.
Crash (y/n): Yes
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): Windows.
Version number: (what version number of the game are you running? Yeah… You should make it so that when you click on that window the game version automatically shows up in ctrl + v.
I’m running latest version since you updated 12 hours ago.

Description: (more detailed description of what happened, if you need more space. If whatever happened happens repeatably, please let me know!)
Nope that’s about it. Just move an inn from one region to another and have people signed up housing in it.

(please consider attaching your save file, if you think it might help me track down the trouble you’re having!)

As of 0.17.33, it’s no longer allowed to move a building from one region to another.

(Actually, it always wasn’t allowed, but there was a bug which made the game let you do it even while it was displaying a message saying that you weren’t allowed to do it!)

I’m open to making this allowed, but the code isn’t designed to handle it right now. If folks feel strongly about being able to move buildings from one region into another, let me know and I’ll look into fixing the code to support it!

I can only speak for myself, and moving a building from one region to another won’t be needed and probably even less needed in the future when the buildings are more diverse.

Thanks for fixing the issue