Fun Suggestions

The basis of this game is AMAZING I love it so much. Here are some ideas I had from playing for a bit:

  1. Allow for a quest to target a regular ‘scenery’ prop. That way the player has to go to it an maybe interact with it (maybe you make special new props for this that can be interacted with? In fact adding -many- more landmarks might just be the ticket since those can be targetted already. )
  2. Allow us to scale prop size (rotate is Z so maybe S is for scaling up and down, to 10% or to 200% the size perhaps. Some props are WAY too big like the trees, my lord.
  3. allow us to modify the terrain in more slight ways, like by raising or lowering the grass to make little hills and valleys. The terrain editing is okay but a bit shallow
  4. there are soon going to be too many props so it would be nice if they were organized into sub-menus likes Foliage, Structures, etc. It also would be nice if they have names to read when you hovered them, which would be doubly useful if they could be targetted by the quest giver… to give an auto generated name for the quest
  5. Please fix ‘backspace’ not working when editing a quest name! And other names of things.
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