FPS Issues Should Be A Priority

Issue: Many crashes after saving then attempting to put down scenery. Also huge fps problems.
Crash (y/n): yes, sometimes
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows
Version number: 0.18.72
Description: Many times (not all the time) after an autosave, then attempt to place scenery, game locks up and crashes. More importantly. After 20k subs the fps drops drastically. Now im at 100k and the fps is about 5 to 10… ADD a feature where you can hide the players and i believe this would help fps.

(please consider attaching your save file, if you think it might help me track down the trouble you’re having!)

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Can you submit the save game you’re using, so we can use it as part of our performance testing?

To do that, in the in-game desktop interface go to the “Backups” tab of your game, select the save, and then click the “Submit file to devs” button; that’ll upload the save file to me so that I can take a look and investigate. :slight_smile:


I’ll submit this after work today! (about 9ish hours from now) Thank you for responding! I hope my save can make a difference as I believe it’s a great testing map for fixing bugs! Thank you!

Update: Just submitted the files. Thank you for your deving! :smiley:

Thanks, I have the save! I’ll be taking a look at it tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Hey, I was reading a past bug problem and you mentioned save loading code taking long times to load the save games. Well this world has the same problem as back in June. Very long save times and load times. I thought I’d mention that as well if you wanted to take a look into that. Thanks for the awesome game! Can’t wait to be playing it again soon when I can run my save again. :joy: :blush: :pray:

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Hi there, I have realized a bit ago this is definitely CPU related but wondering if any progress is being made? I am just anxious to play again is all :laughing: Thank you for your development of this game!