First I'd play this Games in Crack Version but now i'm buying it!

Maybe i’m the type of gamer that hates by developers. before buying premium games in steam, i download and play it first in crack version (if possible) from “trusted source” to see if the game is worth to buy, and that’s what i do in MMORPG Tycoon 2, and now i bought it from steam! ,i’m felt guilty to play for free for such wonderful game, i feel in love in the game for so much potential, i’m just accidentally found the game when i’m searching for “business tycoon", and then watched it on YouTube, download and played it on crack version for 15 hrs(overnight), search for game road map, read dev’s updates and plan and booom! I’ve decide to buy the game. for now, i’m ok with the content but the dev’s should update the games frequently to add more features.

as mmorpg player for almost 15 yrs, i say that this games is lacking almost all the fun part feature of mmo’s games, but i think its ok, this don’t need to be full function mmo’s game right? but there are things that i wish to have in the game:

dungeons (i know it’s in the road map but still :relaxed: )

world bosses (also in the road map)

manipulate zone – what in mean here is not only the theme of the zone but the function as well, like you can switch the zone to conflict zone or open pvp zone, also landscaping is great, like colouring the land (not the scenery), tweak the land design etc.

nation or faction – for now, we can put multiple starting points on different zone so that the starting zone won’t be so crowded, but what if the starting point became a nation or faction choice for the players?, i read that dev’s plan to make it like this and later on when the two player from different stating point will have conflict when they see each other, that would be interesting, (btw the conflict zone and open pvp zone i’m talking about is different, conflict zone is between two or more nation or faction , open pvp zone is everyone can attack each other)

melee attack animation – all i can see in the game right now is throwing attack, maybe in the future the devs can add swing effect animation for melee characters?

weapon and stuff – it will be more interesting if the devs add weapons and gears in the game and also we can tweak the stats?

event maker – every mmo has events every season for the reason of making the player to be active and also for making more money. so its fun if we “wanna be devs” can make event for our “players”.

that’s it for now, I’m at work so i will update this when i’m free. chow!

sorry for the grammar i’m Asian
here’s my map for my game “Welcome to hell”