First 10 minutes feedback

I thought I’d give my feedback about the experience in the first 5-10 minutes, some of this aligns with other feedback that I’ve seen.

These are in no particular order

  1. That loading screen is awesome :slight_smile:
  2. The first quest, to add a respawn point, tells you to click the Edit button, which does not exist
  3. The animated cursor is really cool, but for some reason I find it hard to control - perhaps it has different acceleration to my normal cursor, or it’s an optical illusion that messes with my mind!
  4. Roads - I went to place a road and couldn’t figure out how to ‘complete’ the road. I tried right click, escape, middle click, etc - all before trying double click. I guess I got lucky placing the fibre because it only requires one click when connecting two objects.
  5. Roads - The first place I tried to put a road showed it in yellow/brown, but since I’d never placed a road before I didn’t know that it was ‘illegal’ and couldn’t work out what was going on. Perhaps put a red cross through the cost, or some other feedback to combine to indicate it’s not allowed? Or just explain it in the tutorial.
  6. Requests - some of the requests take a long time to complete, even after doing the required steps. Placing the Starting Point didn’t end the quest for what felt like 10+ seconds, long enough that I was considering deleting it and placing another one.
  7. The player character models are awesome, love the wizards!
  8. The UI seems a bit slow on my computer, will try turning off some of the effects to see if it is a PC speed thing, or an actual UI speed thing.
  9. Huge waves of “UNSUB” rising from my users is disheartening :anguished: Maybe my MMORPG wasn’t quite ready for release when I launched it :smile:

I’ve played up to the point where I need to get two players to level 2 - I’ve placed some quests, monsters, etc - and left it running for a few days of game time, but even after 5 days I only have 1 user leveled up - so I’m looking for another request tip to help me along.

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If you go to the “design” menu (one of the buttons in the bottom right), you can edit the player classes. Under “abilities” (iirc) you can increase the damage of their attacks a bit, this will make it easier for them to slay mobs. And that’s how they earn XP and level up.

Also, create lots of quests so that each mob zone has at least one quest going to it. Quests give additional XP on top of the regular combat XP, and players like doing quests :slight_smile: