Finding Toxic Players

I have searched for this topic, and have not found any real information. I apologize if this is a repeat thread.
It seems the only way to root out the toxic players is to pause the game, and go through the subscriber list one by one. GM’s and Devs do not handle toxic players, or at least I can not figure out how to set them to do so.
Is there any less tedious way to cleanse the game of the toxic players? This one-by-one is agonizing with a couple thousand subscribers; completely absurd with more…
As for ignoring them, I believe toxic players in a circle can make other players quit the game completely, unsub’ing instantly. Which can be terrible if that player is a valued member of the community.

While individually checking on each person using the “too many jerks in chat” circles as hints is the only method I know of (and checking social circles when you see them, toxic players seem to be drawn to them), I think the unsubs have a method to them as the only time someone unsubbed from my game because of it was the first day, and I wonder if that was because since there were so few players, the toxic ones made up a great % of the playerbase.

I do propose a few alternative methods of finding toxic players however.

Option 1: Add toxic players to the cheater detector or make a toxic player detector. This would be the fastest option for the player in regards to the current method, making the gms do it, or my 2nd alternative, but would make rooting out the toxic players a trivial task instead of a time-consuming one.

Option 2: A report system. When a player has the “there are too many jerks in chat!” thought, they can have a % chance to report the problem player. Reported players could be found by filtering on the subscriber tab in overview. Another way of doing it is by letting players report both toxic and cheaters as reports and having those as a bar that gms solve, like the Bugs and Help Tickets that the devs and gms currently address, but I believe that filtering would be a better process as it still requires some action by the player, since they would still have to hand out warnings and bans, and if the % chance is implemented, could still need to find some manually if they wanted to. Hey, maybe it could be a major feature unlock like parties.

I know these options are not perfect and definitely can use some improvements to the idea, but I did want to propose ways of handling the toxic players that isn’t just let the GMs do all the work.

Side Note: Would love if the subscriber menu in overview would allow filtering based on levels and class. Trying to find the few subs of a certain level is very difficult.


I put this response in another question about too many jerks in the game but it also applies here.

I was so intent in making sure no one Toxic was going to get into my game that I would pause the game and check the stat for every person entering the game to warn them if I saw they had a Toxic flag. As you can imagine this got really tedious after a couple of hours so I decided on a different approach.

Since Toxics like to chat every once in a while I would pause the game and go to all those chatting in circles and check all those engaged in chatting. This too is a tedious approach to the problem but a much quicker means of locating and warning Toxics.

I am sure Trevor in time will provide us with a tool to locate Toxics much easier just like there is a tool to locate cheaters but for now if you want to deal with these Jerks in chat look for them in chat circles.