Field of Frustration (Bug, or just me not seeing something)

Issue: Subscribers clumping up, throwing a tantrum, and mass-unsubbing after visiting an inn.
Crash: No
Platform: Mac

After playing for a while I noticed that in one particular area, subscribers seemed to all gather in a clump before growing frustrated, throwing a tantrum, and unsubbing. About 60 did this before I realized what was happening. They all picked up a quest immediately beforehand, leading me to believe the issue stemmed from that quest. The most likely quest to cause the issue was a traveling quest to set their home at a nearby inn. The inn wasn’t full, but I had recently moved its location slightly, which I think is what caused the issue. Also could be an unrelated coincidence. The subscribers seemed completely normal until arriving at the clump, and when the clump temporarily cleared, more continued to arrive with the same results. Any idea what that might be about?

It is most likely you moving the inn a bit, but it could be others things like a lot of people in town or in a mob zone that they start getting frustrated. The better thing to do is when you modify something, go to your quest giver and update the target, I’ve tested a lot of configs without getting your problem because I’m updating his quest each time I made modifications.