Few questions related to quests

Hey I don’t know if this has been answered elsewhere but will we be able to set the reward for quests? Or will it give a set reward? Will quests also have requirements that we can set, such as level or class requirement?


Right now, all quests give a simple generic reward (gold + xp). There’s no particular reason why I couldn’t let someone set a different reward for each quest. I just worry that that might not be an interesting or fun choice, when you’re probably going to be creating a dozen or so quests before you even open your game up to players for the first time; I’ve been trying to make quest creation be as painless as possible, rather than trying to make them immensely customisable.

But I’m very open to alternative thoughts, though! It wouldn’t be much work at all to support doing this; the hard work would almost entirely be in figuring out how to fit the option into the available screen space in the quest editing interface. :slight_smile:

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You could always have it be a generic reward by default but have the option there for people who want to go a little more indepth with quest creation. Maybe even like a simple and advanced mode for people so people who just wanna plop down quests can do so and people who want a little extra control can also get that aswell :slight_smile:


I think it would be great if you let people make some sort of template which they can use when they don’t want to use generic quest rewards so that they can make their configuration to the quests once and then just put them in the world.