Few Questions for mid game balancing/optimization

Hey, after 40+hours in game i still have some confusion about few mechanics since i need to balance things out i would like to ask this then:

  1. how much rage does players regenerate in combat? should i add abilities that give some to them in case im creating a class that is supposed to be rage bound dps dealer? or 2-3 rage per second for attacks should be doable for them with simple combat rage? also does rage from combat scale up with levels too or it is a passive number no matter the level of the player?
  2. How likely player is to cast beneficial spell on a party member? is it limited to healing or do they cast rage/ protection or even mana restoration spells? it just has to have positive effects and not “on self” right? Can ai evaluate it now since i saw a comment about its inability to evaluate protection buffs before.
  3. How far can players go for quests? does bigger reward make them morel likely to cross multiple regions or to use real money costing shortcuts?Or do players tend to stay in the same region over going to the different one with new not done quests?
  4. Do potions recharge mana or only health?
  5. Any chance this game is getting multi thread support in the future? And how should i minimize cpu bottleneck ahead of late game?