Feedback on the MS12 Steam build

Now that keys have gone out, I’d be very grateful if you’d have a short play with it and post your feedback in here! Don’t spare my feelings; the honest reactions are the most useful ones, for this sort of thing! (And honestly, I probably already agree with the negative comments you’ll almost definitely have! :wink: )

But I’m not going to post my own thoughts yet; I’ll give you a chance to go in fresh and tell me how it looks to you, before I tell you my own biased opinions.

Thanks again to everyone for this testing! It’s amazing how you stop being able to really see a product after working on it for a long time; you really need to get other people to have a play and tell you what’s working and what isn’t.

ok so I have played the game for a couple of hours now here is a summary of my feedback.

The game downloaded and installed fine after the initial problems the game has run ok.

I would like to have a proper menu screen when you start the game for the first time. As when I first started the game I wanted to go to the options to change screen resolution etc. I like the menu that you get after you have created your first mmo.

The white tick boxes ie the one you get to turn on the tutorial and that is used to tick off objectives is very very bright.

as far as controls are concerned I would keep trying to use right click to cancel as this is what feels natural. for instance when building roads and stuff.

when it comes to some of the quests there is too much text which means you cant see what the reward is as there is no option to scroll down.

The day review that you get takes you out of what you were doing. I was editing terrain and the review thing poped up and I had to do several steps to get back to what I was doing. This is rather annoying.

The tutorial is ok but I have found that im taking to long to find buttons in one case the tutorial calls the button one thing and the button is named something else. EG Click “Grid” but the button is called "OnGrid"
It would be nice if during the tutorial buttons could be highlighted.

I’ll post more as I play and try and break stuff.

Update 1

In the options I thing changing the text rotating cursor to something like Animated cursor would be more obvious to people as its not necessarily obvious that the cursor is rotating.

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Thanks for this feedback!

A few comments: the only reason I haven’t gone with right-click to cancel is that we use right-click to rotate the camera, and I felt like sometimes people might want to be able to rotate the view while midway through placing something. But we could certainly try making right-click the ‘cancel’ action, and see if people hate it. :slight_smile: (right now, ‘escape’ will cancel right out of everything, or alt+left-click will undo one step in multi-step placements. So if you’ve made several clicks in placing a road or a wall, alt-left-click will undo the most recent click)

Regarding “too much text which means that you can’t see what the reward is”, there’s actually a scroll bar, but it auto-hides in a way similar to scroll bars on OS X; it’ll fade in if you move your mouse over it, or you can scroll using your scroll wheel while your mouse is over the text you want to scroll. But if you didn’t notice all this, then it probably means that the ability to scroll is much too subtle; maybe that scrollbar needs to be much more visible than it is right now.

Regarding the day review, I 100% agree. The current modal “day review” system has always been really clunky and needed to be redesigned, but it’s particularly distracting now that it clobbers the game mode when it pops up. I’m bumping this up in my priority fix list.

Re: Finding buttons in the tutorial, totally agreed. I think I need to normalise the button names, and I probably also need to be able to display button images inline in the tutorial text. It would probably also make sense to set up the tutorial to be able to really highlight the particular button it’s talking about, to better draw the eye. (Currently it locks all buttons other than the one that it wants you to click, through most of the tutorial, but maybe that isn’t enough.)