Feedback On Roads

At the moment roads are a bit of a pain.

I would like to see more feedback as to why a road cant be placed (ie tool tip saying road cant be placed here object in way or ground to steep) and it would be nice if there was a way to automatically snap the road to a building like a inn or what not.

I also think that the colour change from gold to blue is too subtle as i didn’t notice that it even changed depending on whether the road was allowed or not.

I agree; roads are pretty “mushy” at the moment.

Things that roads reject right now: Intersecting with a building, intersecting with another road (unless we’re going to connect as an intersection), intersecting with itself, intersecting with any sort of obstacle, getting too close to region boundaries (exception: region passes obviously can travel through those boundaries).

I think what I need to do is to make the road tool be more like the building tool; if a road path isn’t legal, don’t just say “you can’t place the road here”; instead, adjust the path so that it is legal. Route it around buildings or other obstacles to get to the requested destination, or as close to the requested destination as possible.