Feedback and suggestions

First of all, I’m really enjoying this game and excited to see how it continues to develop. Please take the following as just one person’s opinion, which may very well be ONLY one person’s opinion …
(I’ve tried to organise it into sensible subtopics).

SHOPS: I didn’t know until maybe my fifth restart that it’s possible to set shops to use real money rather than gold. Could that information be included in the tutorial?
SCENERY: I had no idea until I read it on the Steam discussion board that scenery items advance you towards more game levels. Could that be included in the tutorial?

UNSUBS: I have no idea why people are unsubbing from my game. Checking the ‘thoughts’ report doesn’t help (I have some overcrowing issues, but the main unsubs aren’t happening where the overcrowing is). When I’ve unsubbed from an MMO myself in the past there’s often the option to say why: maybe there could be a report where, say, 10% of unsubbing players say why they did?
QUESTS: I have no idea how much EXP my quests are giving. I can check how much each monster kill gives and calculate that against whatever level the zone is, but I don’t know how much non-kill quests give. (I tried selecting players and following them to check but they kept logging off before handing the quest in …) Can quests indicate what EXP they give? (It would be awesome, but perhaps impossible, if we could set the EXP ourselves, so for example, if I want to direct at least some level 2 players from my first level 2 zone to my second to reduce crowding, I could make a tempting high EXP quest to go to the second zone. But this might be impossible to code)
NEGATIVE BUZZ: I’d love more granularity in the reports on negative and positive buzz. At the moment all I can tell is a) people like the scenery b) people don’t like how busy one of my starter zones is (why they don’t just move to one of the other two I made for them I don’t know but honestly that’s probably realistic). I feel like there’s more going on but I don’t know what it is.
PROBLEM QUESTS: I’d love an alert when quests can’t be completed (pretty much exclusive to ‘check in to the inn’ quests when the inn is full atm, but might happen more often as the game expands?)

SCENERY: So much of the scenery is HUUUUGE! It incentivises spamming the same small foliage everywhere. Could we have a wider variety of less enormous scenery items?
SHOPS: I love the fact that we can mix and match gold and real dollar shops. However, I’ve noticed when I load a game my real money shops all reset to zero. I can’t change them all with sync because that then turns my gold shops to real money. I don’t know if resetting to zero is a bug or a feature, but if it’s a feature, could we maybe have different shops for gold and real money so we can ‘sync all’? (I mean, it could be the identical model with a dollar sign on it)
NETWORK: I just can’t get my networks stable in busier zones. I add extra generators but that doesn’t seem to help. The only way I can get the zones stable is to build separate, unconnected networks in different parts of the zone. Is this intentional? Because honestly it feels like annoying micromanagement. Maybe the generator could be upgradable, costing more to run, instead?
TAVERNS: Nobody uses my taverns, even when they’re free. What’s up with that?
PvP: PvP doesn’t seem to give any EXP at the moment? This is kind of a disincentive to enable it, tbh, since I seem to end up with a huge hump of level one players clogging my early zones and just hanging out fighting each other and not leveling. Could winning a PvP match give EXP?

Anyway, that’s just my thoughts. Game is great! Patches have also been great, especially the perfomance enhancement and the recent ‘non-combat’ quest patch (suddenly people are levelling, and at last I understand why they didn’t before!). Looking forward to future updates. ,

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