Feedback and suggestions list

Hi @Trevor,
So this is my first feedback/ suggestions list, this is based on a 25h game, I think i was able to go through all of the game fonctionnalities.
So first of all, wow, this game is amazing, with a great potential to go even further.
I have always been a big fan of tycoon games, but they all feel kind of the same, this game really brings new sensations.
So as i’ve been playing i’ve noticed couples of things that were a bit odd or that i didn’t understand, i’ve put it in the list bellow.
As you may have already noticed, english is not my primary language so i apologise for all my spelling errors or poor gramar.
I’ve tried to be as concise as possible but there is still a lot.
So lets begin, I have put in small groups all my suggestion so it’s easier to read, and also i’ve seen someone make the difference between ingame players and real players, so i’m gonna do the same
Every time i speak of players, it refers as ingame players.
I know some of those might have been asked several times but I’ve put only what i felt was necessary (i’m not going to go over already planned features or if i do, it’s just that i havn’t seen those, sorry).

-speed modifier (maybe one of the things that have been ask the most, I was thinking of it as it could act as buff or debuff such as stun or grabbing…)
-In my opinion, missile attack should be an Area of Effect or another kind of AOE attack should be add
-Custom skill tree (would also be quite handy as i’m not sure if i’m suppose to make a new attack for the new level (ex : Fireball II) or if the attack of the old level is going to level up too)

-Looting zone (drawable, same as monsters zone but that spawn specific object for players to loot (for quest or not such as fishing zone, harvesting zone, mining zone))
-Custom loot (being able to custom equipment such as armor or weapon (with special abilites)(maybe even consumables), like we do now with characters)
-Lootable monsters (being able to gather quest materials or rare loot)
-professions (such as tailor, fisher, miner, blacksmith, potion brewer) with a craft system maybe (based on custom equipment)
-specific vendors (for exemple, a blacksmith selling only armors, and another one selling only weapons)

-Custom quest location (as a marker, so we can use props items as quest goal)
-Quest menu in the ingame player profile to be able to monitor what quests they are on)
-Moving NPC (moving quest giver, escort quest)
-Specific class quests (for exemple, quest that leads the player to his trainer, or to a specific loot for his class, or to make class specific zone)
-Quest custom description (i would like to be able to put a title to my quest and then a description because at the moment, it litteraly goes “doing quest : Slay 10 wolf at sandpoint and gather 10 fur” (believe me it’s longer in french))
-Multiple objectif quest (to gather multiple materials or to go talk to several npcs for exemple)
-Conditional quest (quest that requires you to have completed quests from another npc or to be at a specific level before being able to take it)

-Custom badges (not visualy but being able to put a description of what the achievement is and being able to see a list of thoses achievements in the players profiles)
-Sub region (Drawable region as for monsters within the zone we have at the moment, can be use to make a range of levels in the same zone for exemple, could have it’s own name too,
so we can have different named sub region within the same zone)
-being able to mask monsters zones zoning in interact window as it ruins screenshots a bit (see picture below).

-Caracter customization (ingame players be able to customize (randomly) skin color, or some facial attributes).
-Stence modifier (I don’t know if it doesn’t work but I would like to make my birds (monsters) fly in ghost stence but they don’t seems to
-Color variation of monsters and npc depending on level or zone
-Name variation of monsters depending on level or zone
-Elite Monster customisation

-template saving (prefab creation)
-Inns with much more slots (players seems to not be able to disconnect if they are no inn with vacation)
-Z axis for precision mode
-being able to scale scenery assets (smaller or bigger)
-ctrl - Z to be able to quickly restore a state of your terrain and discard assets that messed it up
-Option for scenery buildings to flatten the terrain or not (I tried many construction that ended up completely destroyed after saving and reloading my game because of how the terrain move depending on where the assets are(see pictures below).

-Maybe an option for scenery assets to build them within the area of scenery building as well as functionnal ones

Well that’s it folks. I hope you didn’t suffer too much from reading this.
I will continue to give feedbacks and ideas as the game grows, and i hope i will continue enjoying this game as i do now. Thanks you for all the hard work you’ve putted in, we are very grateful.

To all, have fun playing !