Failed Assertion when clicking upgrade to version 1.0

Issue: Recived a failed assertion error on clicking upgrade
Crash (y/n): y
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows
I was playing the game with the tutorial enabled I think I had somehow managed to break the tutorial at somepoint but the game allowed me to continue playing.
On clicking Upgrade to Version 1 I recived a failed assertion error as soon as i clicked the “Release” button

bug report should have automatically uploaded.

Yup, I have the crash report. I’m looking into it!

Okay! Some code cleanups I had done broke the setup code for the tech selection screen you get when you go up a major version number (as happens with the version 1.0.0 upgrade).

There are three things failing simultaneously, here:

  1. The tech selection buttons aren’t being locked so that only legally accessible technologies can be selected. (Because the tech display wasn’t being initialised at all)
  2. The “Release” button isn’t being disabled until you select a tech to be awarded. (Because at the time when the tech display sends a “hide the release button” message in the new codebase, it hasn’t yet been hooked up to the window yet, and so the message doesn’t actually get delivered)
  3. We don’t verify that you actually have a tech selected when you click on the “Release” button (because I was blithely assuming that the Release button wouldn’t be visible if you hadn’t selected a tech)

The crash was due to not selecting a technology before clicking the ‘Release’ button. If you select the ‘Starting Point’ tech before clicking the ‘Release’ button, everything seems to work as normal. But there were a whole bunch of code failures which led to your being able to do that.

Side-note: You actually could pick any tech you want at that point, because it isn’t correctly locking the technologies that you shouldn’t yet have access to. I don’t recommend you do that, though; the vast majority of them aren’t yet implemented. And anyway, trying to advance your version number from 1.0 to 2.0 without being able to add a starting point and have players isn’t likely to be much fun. :slight_smile:

A fix for this should be coming within an hour or two; going to try to fix the other issue you mentioned as well.

This is now fixed in 0.12.70.