Failed assertion out of bounds vsarry. Crash on clicking thoughts

Issue: after playing a little while I clicked on thoughts and crashed with the message in the screenshot below.
Crash (y/n): y
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows 10
Game crashed when clicking on thoughts. I had been playing a little while. I had clicked thoughts once already without a crash earlier in the game. crash%20on%20thoughts

Doesn’t seem to be related to me clicking on thoughts as i have done it again and its not crashed.

Okay, I’ve tracked this one down based upon the crash dump.

The crash was happening if the Thoughts window was open and there were fewer than five thought types in total across all subscribers to the MMO, and then the Thoughts window opened again later and there were more thought types.

So for example, if you opened it and your subscribers had only had two different types of thought in the game, then if you ever opened it again when your subscribers had had three or more types of thought, it would crash. This would happen because I was trying to set the thought data before telling the UI how many thoughts there were going to be. Oops!

This only affected things up to the point where there were five thought types, as we truncate the list after that point.

This will be fixed in the next build!

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