Failed Assertion no instance

Issue: failed assertion no instance
Crash (y/n): y
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): windows
Description: I’m not sure what I did this time. I created a new social mmo and on load got this error message.

log should be winging its way to you in a moment.

seems to happen every time you try to create a new mmo

Gah… yeah, this was due to a code cleanup I did to provide some artist-friendly tools. The artist-friendly tool basically builds a new game, and so I assumed that if that art mode worked, then the regular “new game” would work, too.

I should really figure out how to create a headless OpenGL context so that I can write unit tests for starting a new game, so these things get automatically caught before builds go out, instead of relying on me to test everything manually for each build.

Fix coming in a few minutes!