Failed Assertion Error on start up

I just bought the game yetserday. Sadly I can’t play it due to this error

Can anyone help?

The assertion says that your computer is failing to create an OpenGL context, which usually means that there’s an issue with your graphics drivers. Can you tell us anything about the graphics device you’re using? (Is it a discrete graphics card or an integrated chipset on your CPU?)

Usually the solution for this is to install updated drivers for your graphics chipset, whatever that is. If you tell me what your graphics card is, I can point you at download URLs to get the latest drivers.

Thanks for the fast response. It’s a discrete graphics card, GeForce RTX 2060. I updated the drivers yesterday via the Nvidia control panel.

Hm, that sounds like it ought to be fine. Can you send me your log file? It’ll be at %appdata%\roaming\VectorStorm\MMORPG Tycoon 2\, and will be a file named log.txt. (click on my avatar picture and click the ‘Message’ button to send it to me privately)

Hopefully the log will give me some more hints about what’s going wrong.

I can’t see a message button option, so here is the log.

MMORPG Tycoon 2
Checking supported resolutions…
Available Modes
0: 1920 x 1080
1: 1680 x 1050
2: 1440 x 900
3: 1280 x 1024
4: 1280 x 960
5: 1280 x 800
6: 1280 x 720
7: 1152 x 870
8: 1152 x 864
9: 1024 x 768
10: 832 x 624
11: 800 x 600
12: 720 x 576
13: 720 x 480
14: 720 x 400
15: 640 x 480
Init: Initialising fullscreen window
Width before: 1024
Found 3 displays:
Display #0 Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080)
Display #1 Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080)
Display #2 Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080)
videoFlag added: Fullscreen Desktop
SDL_CreateWindow 1024x768x32 video mode, flags 4099
OpenGL Context:
Vendor: Microsoft Corporation
Renderer: GDI Generic
Version: 1.1.0
GLEW: 1.11.0
Shader Langugage Version: None
== Begin OpenGL limits ==
Max 3D texture size: 0
Max array texture layers: 0
Max clip distances: 6
Max samples in a color multisample texture: 6
Maximum atomic counters: 6
Maximum fragment shader uniform components: 6
Maximum geometry shader uniform components: 6
Maximum combined texture image units: 6
Maximum combined uniform blocks: 6
Maximum cube map dimensions: 6
Maximum samples in a multisample depth or depth-stencil texture: 6
Maximum simultaneous draw buffers: 6
Maximum simultaneous draw buffers with dual-source blending: 6
Recommended maximum number of vertex array indices: 2048
Recommended maximum number of vertex array vertices: 256
Max fragment shader input components: 256
Max fragment shader uniform components: 256
Maximum texels in the texel array of a texture buffer: 256
Maximum supported texture image units in a fragment shader: 256
Maximum texture size (rough estimate): 1024
Maximum uniform buffer binding points: 1024
Maximum uniform block size: 1024
Maximum uniform locations: 1024
Maximum varying components: 1024
Maximum floating point varying components: 1024
Maximum atomic counters in vertex shaders: 1024
Maximum vertex attributes in vertex shader: 1024
Maximum active shader storage blocks in a vertex shader: 1024
Maximum texture image units in vertex shader: 1024
Maximum uniform components in vertex shader: 1024
Maximum output components in vertex shader: 1024
Maximum uniform blocks per vertex shader: 1024
Maximum simultaneous viewports: 1024
Maximum MSAA samples: 1024
NVidia-only: Currently available video memory: 1024
ATI-only: Currently available video memory: 1024
== End OpenGL limits ==
anisotropic texture filters: SUPPORTED
Failed assertion: No support for OpenGL 3.3 (maximum version supported: 0.0). Cannot run. Try updating your display drivers?
Failed condition: (supportsOpenGL33)
at VS_Renderer_OpenGL3.cpp:487

Yeah, that’s definitely not using your graphics card! Can you confirm that your monitors are plugged into the graphics card, and not into your motherboard’s on-board graphics?

I am using a docking station, the two monitors are plugged into that which is connected to my laptop via a usb port.

Extremely polite bump?

So I tested the gameon the laptop alone and it seems to work fine. It’s the docking station that is causing the problem. However I would prefer to run it on my larger monitors using the docking station. Any thoughts?