Failed assertion Crash on mmo creation

Issue: game crashed while loading
Crash (y/n): y
Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux): n
Description: I have uploaded the report a few moments ago as I missed taking a screenshot of the error message and have been unable to repeat.

Created a new mmo and during the initial first loading just after the loading screen says the mmo name the game crashed with a failed assertion error.

I have been unable to repeat this crash and am not sure as to what If anything I did diffrent to normal that may have been a cause.

I have good news and bad news!

The good news is that it’s a known issue; your MMO game name just had a space at the end. (According to the crash log)

The bad news is that I thought I’d fixed that. I called that issue out explicitly as still being a problem in the build notes for 0.13.8, and then thought I’d fixed the issue properly in 0.13.16… but actually, reading those build notes again, I seem to have only fixed the “empty string” case; not the “you’ve left spaces at the end of the name” problem. (It’s a problem because Windows creates the directory, but silently trims the spaces off the end, and then acts all surprised when I try to save data into a directory with the spaces on the end of its name. “Whaa?” says Windows, “I’ve never heard of a directory with that name.”)

I see that you pushed a fix through but it doesnt look like it worked :frowning:

Gah, yes; it was only working when the widget’s focus was dropped explicitly (typically by pressing ‘enter’); not when it was dropped implicitly (for example, by giving the focus to a different GUI element). I have a proper fix now; that’ll be coming later tonight.